I’m a fully qualified Hatha yoga teacher with more than 11 years teaching experience. Hatha yoga is the most commonly practiced yoga in the West and is over 5000 years old. It is non-competitive and can help with increasing general health and well being.

I offer a full schedule of group classes suitable for all levels, needs and abilities from absolute beginners to advanced.  For every stage of life – if you can breathe you can do yoga!

At the moment all classes and 1:1 sessions are running online via Zoom.

I offer a full schedule of group classes suitable for all levels, needs and abilities from absolute beginners to advanced.

One to one sessions are designed to suit personal circumstances and are more beneficial than being taught in a class situation.

Corporate ‘in-house’ yoga for employees is specially designed to meet the needs of a company and its people. Physical postures, breathing and relaxation exercises can help to keep employees calm and make their experience of work more enjoyable and productive. 


Benefits of regular yoga practice are that it:

  • promotes physical and mental health and well being
  • strengthens and lengthens muscles and fascia
  • increases flexibility
  • improves posture
  • increases the capacity of the lungs
  • supports the body’s systems (such as endocrine, immune, respiratory and circulatory)
  • improves digestion and elimination
  • focuses the mind in the present, offering a relief from every day stresses and strains
  • removes the obstacles that may prevent a good night’s sleep.

Class Schedule

Monday evening: online via Zoom.  Beginners yoga 6.45-7.45 pm (£4) or General level hatha yoga (£5) 8.00-9.10pm

Monday 10.55 – 11.55 am, Sports Direct, Ruxley Lane, Ewell – call venue direct 08437771114 for prices and availability.

Monday evening – currently cancelled – beginners yoga 7.25 – 8.10 pm (£6).  General level hatha yoga 8.15 – 9.25 pm (£11) (1st class £5) (6 weeks £54*) at LJA Academy, Stoneleigh, Ewell KT17 2HP.

Tuesday morning: online via Zoom 10.00 – 11.15 am (£9) – pregnancy yoga

Wednesday evening: online via Zoom.  Beginners yoga 6.45-7.45 pm (£4) or General level hatha yoga 8.00-9.10pm (£5)

Wednesday evening – currently cancelled – beginners yoga 7.15 – 8.00 pm (£6). General level hatha yoga 8.00 – 9.10 pm (£11) (1st class £5) (6 weeks £54*) at 1 Bluegates, Ewell, Epsom KT17 2SA.

Thursday daytime no classes currently scheduled – post natal/mother and baby yoga in Ewell, Epsom

Thursday evening: online via Zoom 6.00 – 7.15 and 7.30 – 8.45 pm (£9) – pregnancy yoga 

Friday morning: online via Zoom General level hatha yoga 10.30-11.40 am (£5)

Currently cancelled – hatha yoga 10.30 to 11.45 am in Beeches Baptist Church, Banstead Road, Carshalton  SM5 3NL  (£10) (first class £5) or 6 week pass (£48)* available.

Sunday evening: online via ZoomRestorative, yin yoga and yoga nidra class. 1st Sunday of the month – 2 August and 6 September 7.30 – 8.45 pm (£6)Take time out to move gently, rest and just to be. Suitable for all levels.


​*Two month time limit applies to 6 week passes.

Speciality Classes

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga classes will gently and safely guide you through restorative poses, relaxation and breathing techniques to help you and your baby get the most out of your pregnancy.

They are endorsed by medical professionals and midwives have reported being able to recognise a lady that has attended pregnancy yoga classes!

Post Natal Yoga

Post natal, mum/parent and baby yoga classes welcome mums, dads, grandmas and carers.

No previous yoga experience is necessary and the class is open to babies up to crawling age.

Children’s Yoga

Children’s yoga classes are suitable for parents, grand parents and carers.  Bring along your child and do some yoga together.

Children’s yoga offers the chance to:

  • promote creative imagination
  • increase your child’s confidence
  • exercise with your child in a fun and interactive way

Restorative Yoga

We work very hard in our lives and while we may sleep, we rarely take time to rest. Restorative yoga poses help us learn to relax and rest deeply and completely – much deeper and more powerful than sleep.

I’m a registered Advanced ‘Relax and Renew’ restorative yoga teacher (trained by Judith Hanson Lasater).

Yoga For Sport

In the rush to get on the treadmill or to a spin class, we forget about yoga to condition and prepare our body for sport. Yoga can improve your capacity for sport and your endurance. The more that is learnt about fascia and connective tissue shows cross training and moving the body in more fluid ways (such as in yoga) provides massive gains in the prevention and recovery of injury.

Face Yoga

In our bid to fit time in to exercise the body we forget to exercise the face.

The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method is a natural way of looking and feeling younger and healthier with an added sense of relaxation and wellbeing. It is a combination of face exercises, face massage, face acupressure and face relaxation. It focuses on wellbeing techniques for the mind, body and soul. 

Contact me to find out more and to book your place.

Post Natal Yoga

There are no post natal, mum / carer and baby yoga classes currently scheduled.    

Classes run subject to demand.  If you are a group who would like a class 

Post natal, mum / carer and baby yoga classes usually run in (5 week) blocks.  Cost £65.00 for 5 weeks / £15.00 PAYG.​

This class includes yoga for mum/carer and yoga for baby.  Highly qualified teacher with over 10 years experience of teaching these classes.

This post natal, mum/parent and baby yoga class welcomes dads, grandmas and carers and is convenient for people based in Epsom, Stoneleigh, Worcester Park, Cheam, Banstead, Chessington and Tolworth.


If you would like to book a space or some more information please email Thank you.


No previous yoga experience is necessary and the class is open to babies up to crawling age.


Post natal yoga offers you the chance to

  • strengthen the abdominal area 
  • restructure/re-align the pelvis
  • improve posture
  • develop flexibility and strength
  • quieten a busy mind
  • connect with your baby
  • have fun and meet other parents

Classes are given in the yogic spirit of non-competitiveness and non-judgment. We expect crying and feeding to carry on as usual even though you’re in a yoga class. The class environment aims to be supportive and fun.


To book or for more info email: if you’d like a place. Payment is taken in advance.

Baby yogi stuff for your little ones:

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